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Police1 Articles Now Live

We are proud to announce three new articles featured on Police1. In these articles, professionals across law enforcement and healthcare discuss the Reflex Protect product line, the positive benefits and how it is changing the options available to law enforcement officers nationwide.

How this new gel antidote combo provides a better less-lethal tool. Covers the features and benefits of Reflex Protect Presidia Gel and Reflex Remove for on-duty law enforcement officers both in the field, inside corrections facilities, and during academy training and re-certification.

3 reasons officers need more less-lethal options. Matt Schaefer, president of Tactical Defense Training, discusses the importance of giving officers more less-lethal options and why Reflex Protect products perfectly fit that role. Read full article here.

How this less-lethal gel and antidote combo gives cops a safer more effective tool. A conversation with Dr. Bayne French and Officer Dan Kirby about the medical and safety efficacy of Reflex Protect products.


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