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Healthy skepticism runs in the blood of LEOs. Decisions are evidence based.

Hear directly from those who were once skeptical, too.

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Justin Johnston, Law Enforcement Director for Ahern Group, is interviewed minutes after he’s been sprayed and deconned with Reflex Protect Presidia Gel and Reflex Remove at Range 702 in Las Vegas, Nevada. “It’s an impressive product.” #ReflexReady​ #Tactical​ #Demo​

Brian Smith is interviewed minutes after he’s been sprayed with Reflex Protect Presidia Gel and then immediately deconned with Reflex Remove at Range 702 in Las Vegas, Nevada. #ReflexReady #Tactical #Demo

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"Huge Advantage"

"Presidia Gel:  A little bit more intense than a typical OC initially, but the eye closure is instantaneous, so a huge advantage there. It takes a lot of the fight out of you.


Reflex Remove:  I’ve tried a lot of products and have been exposed a lot of times, and I could not have decontaminated to the point I am now. Very impressed with it."

- Jeff Reed, a 30-year Sheriff’s office veteran with 25+ years as a chemical agents instructor training and exposing thousands of officers

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PD Comparison Test

"Sgt. McClannan and Ofc. Goley from Papillion Police Department in Nebraska, test and compare Reflex Protect to pepper spray, demonstrating the department’s commitment to using the best tools for the job and showing their incredible dedication to their jobs as police."

Watch video here.

- Papillion Police Department

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"This Stuff is a Magic Wand"


"This stuff is a magic wand. It does the trick.


Presidia Gel: I’ve never seen a product that was able to do what it does. For decontamination, you get a bad guy back up and running within about five minutes. The effects are lessening as soon as you start using the decontamination. “It doesn’t atomize, so you don’t end up spraying yourself or other bystanders when you end up applying the Reflex product to our bad guy.

Reflex Remove:  I was amazed because I had never seen anyone be able to bounce back within five to six minutes. Usually it’s 30 minutes, 45 minutes depending on the application and the individual."

- Dan Kirby, 30-year veteran of law enforcement and a chemical munitions/OC instructor

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Very Impressive

"The fact that you could spray him three times and within 15 minutes, he was perfectly fine in five minutes, each time, on cue. That’s incredible.


Presidia Gel:  It was definitely impressive how fast it took effect. With some of the other sprays, there was some lag time in between where people could still fight. As soon as they got hit with [Reflex Protect], it was instantaneous. They couldn’t open their eyes, their breathing instantly got more shallow.

Reflex Remove:  That was just as impressive with how fast it was. As soon as you pour that first drop on and kind of wipe their face off, their eyes were instantly opening. They were blinking again. Before you put [Reflex Remove] on, you couldn’t pry their eyes open if you wanted to."

- James Helmick, firefighter, medic on duty during a demo for Reflex Protect

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Best Solution in Winter

"A great option, especially in the winter when tasers are 50/50 at best due to thick clothing."

- Sergeant Caleb Pleasants, Training Sergeant SWAT TL, Flathead Country Sheriff’s Office  


No Time Out of Service

"The last time I deployed a chemical agent aerosol was OC spray and there was significant cross-contamination that day. It was a relief being able to deploy a chemical agent that didn’t significantly affect everyone else. I am very pleased the only person disoriented by the Presidia Gel was the subject. All officers on scene were able to return to full duty immediately following the call."

- Officer Marchionda, SPD, Northeast Ohio

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Game Changing

"The most significant innovation in less-than-lethal since the invention of the TASER."

- John Kapales, Director, Less Lethal Division, Safariland USA

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Rapid Decon

"I was amazed how fast I was able to open my eyes with Reflex Remove, my eyes were open as soon as it was applied and I was fully recovered in a few minutes."

- Patrolman T. Markrinos

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"Better than OC"

"This Reflex and Reflex remove is way better than OC, I would still be coughing and snotting with OC."

- Deputy S. Towns

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Exceeded Our Expectations

"We have found that during both training and field use, including Arrest Warrant Service, Crowd Control and Arrests in the Field including athletic events and major concert venues, that the product exceeded our expectations in both deployment and in ease of decontamination.

We have authorized your product for individual officer / constable purchase, recommended without hesitation."


- Verified Purchaser

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Police Academy Training


"The product came to our attention last year and we loved the easier decontamination process. We will be using the spray to certify our Police Cadets in their OC training."

- Commander Ernie Oergel

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