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RPT Certified Instructor Training: Common Questions & Answers

We offer Chemical Agent Aerosol Training for our RPT products.

Q: I'm already a Chemical Agent Aerosol Instructor, do I need to go through training to use this product?

A: No, however the class is free and we can handle all of your user certificates for you at no charge as well once you become an Instructor.

Q: Why are so many agencies putting Presidia Gel lower on the use of force?

A: Agencies have found the effects can be completely reversed in minutes with Reflex Remove®.

Q: Does Reflex Protect have the ability to target a subject in a crowd?

A: Yes, Reflex Protect has the only spray in the industry that is target specific and can shoot 40+ feet. All Presidia Gel contains UV dye to easily identify the subject.

Q: Is Reflex safe to use with Taser?

A: Yes, Presidia Gel is non-flammable.

Q: Why would I use Presidia Gel when I have already taken OC off my belt because of its effects on me when I use it?

A: Presidia Gel hits harder and faster than OC, but the effects can be completely reversed in a matter of minutes. Also, unlike OC, a subject could be transported in your vehicle with no effect on you. Presidia Gel is a sticky formulation that cannot be thrown back - it runs like a stream but is sticky like maple syrup.

Q: What if I do not have Reflex Remove when I deploy Presidia Gel?

A: Presidia Gel can be deconned with water like a traditional spray - decon time approximately 15 minutes this way. Unlike most OC, Presidia Gel is water based, not oil based.

Q: What sizes of Presidia Gel are available?

A: Presidia Gel is available in the standard MK-3 and MK-4. The RIOT line is available in MK-9, MK-20 and RP-76 (which can be reloaded in the field in about a minute). We have inerts available for training.

Q: I would like to see this product hands on before making the switch, where can I see the product?

A: We have dealers across the country jumping on board and carrying our product. If you would like a T&E, please visit our website and request a T&E to see this “game changer” in a can!

This is part of our Tactical Defense Training series. To learn more, click here.


We guarantee our products will change the way you think about less-lethal sprays. Our Presidia Gel® spray works better and faster than any OC on the market, has zero cross-contamination, even indoors, and can be completely decontaminated in 5 minutes. Try it for yourself!


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