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We want Presidia Gel to be standard issue for every duty belt, as the best technology in less-lethal. We want all who carry it to understand its potential to change modern law enforcement.

Upgrading your less-lethal skills to use Reflex Protect should be done with top professionals. That’s why Tactical Defense Training Inc. is our official training partner.

Since 1999, Tactical Defense Training (TDT) has professionally prepared law enforcement from local, state, and federal agencies, students from every branch of the military, private security, and select civilians on active security training. TDT has put thousands through realistic and intense training in order for these men and women to serve at the peak of their potential.

TDT’s motto is “We kick your ass … so they won’t.”

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“Okay, we just went through the Presidia Gel class at the PD - I volunteered to experience it at my police department, and I also brought it to my private security team I run.

Can I just say, I have never felt anything like that before - and I have been sprayed with different pepper sprays many times before..... I thought I could try and fight through it, but that lasted only for a second.  I took the decon immediately, nothing to prove here!

What’s amazing was the decon.  4 minutes in and I was starting to get back to normal, 7 minutes in and I could at least open my eyes.  15 minutes later and I could drive home.

Anyways, amazing what ya’ll put together. “

- Clint W.

Want to schedule a training at your facility or online?

If you'd like to schedule a training at your facility, please contact us today.

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Chemical Agent Aerosol (Instructor)

This course covers the use of chemical agent aerosol units (such as OC, CS, and OC blends) for use in law enforcement and corrections.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Use of force considerations, types of chemical agent use, deployment, training guidelines, medical considerations, and decontamination procedures.

Chemical Agent Aerosol (User)


This course covers the use of chemical agent aerosol units for law enforcement. 

TOPICS INCLUDE: Use, deployment, decontamination, and medical considerations. 

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Use of Force


This course covers use of force for law enforcement. 

TOPICS INCLUDE: Legal aspects, de-escalation, force options, articulating use of force, less-lethal options, incident reviews, and case law.

Riot Control


This course covers the mobile field force concept for law enforcement. 

TOPICS INCLUDE: Use of force, less-lethal/chemical munitions, riot control, formations, team deployment tactics, operational planning, citizen/officer rescues, and force-on-force scenarios.

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