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Because LE and tactical professionals want an immediate and safe take-down measure and an effective and fast-acting decon solution that immediately puts officers back in the field.

Because officers deserve gold-star training on cutting-edge products.

Because innovation can and should serve and protect civilians and officers alike.


The mantra has always been “simple, safe, and effective.”

Inventor Steve Mangold, a lifetime hunter, NRA member and former military wondered if his patented pistol-style spray head designed to improve bear spray effectiveness and safety might be even more useful in the non-lethal market.

He approached Joe Anderson, a fellow Montanan and successful entrepreneur with the idea. What Steve didn’t know was that Joe’s entrepreneurial career began in response to a gunman entering his former law firm and killing nine people, including friends and colleagues. Joe immediately recognized the far-reaching potential of Steve’s invention and together they set out to develop the most effective less-lethal tools, technologies and training to protect and empower a nation.

The result is Reflex Protect®, a safety preparedness company dedicated to minimizing suffering from violence for everyone, everywhere. The company created the first “hospital safe” active defense solution by adding Steve’s Reflex™ spray head to a brand new non-aerosol sticky CS formula called Presidia Gel® that could be safely deployed inside a hospital without contamination. Then came Reflex Remove®, a game-changing decon that cleaned up so effectively it was as if nothing ever happened. Superior civilian training and protocols were offered for wherever people live, work, worship, or play.


Reflex Protect Tactical is the newest division, focused entirely on law enforcement and corrections, security and military forces and their training at the hands of established LE instructors.


From police captains and military vets to martial arts and civilian safety trainers, from less-lethal industry experts and OxiClean chemists to school teachers and SWAT and DOD instructors.

Reflex Protect stands behind providing law enforcement and other security personnel with the finest controlling force products that can be used with confidence on suspects, around innocent bystanders, and without impacting officers themselves.

To purchase product, register for a course or questions please contact us today.




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