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Protection for your Family with Our Civilian Line of Reflex Protect

Protecting your loved ones when you're not there.

Working in law enforcement, the justice system, and corrections, comes with its own set of problems not only to the person working in these fields but sometimes to their family members, friends, and co-workers. You can't always be there when danger arises and the threat is not always aimed at you.

According to an Executive Order from the White House:

“Because of the importance of their work, these public servants face unique risks to their safety and the safety of their families. Some who face or have received an adverse judicial decision have sought to intimidate or punish judges and prosecutors with threats of harm. Moreover, judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers are symbols within our communities of law and order and may be targeted for that reason alone. And at times, family members of public servants have become victims. Last year, a former litigant before a Federal judge in New Jersey tragically murdered the judge's 20-year-old son and critically wounded her husband. Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers' resiliency in the face of the danger they regularly face is an inspiration for all of us in public service.”

In addition, not every citizen is allowed to carry a concealed weapon or personal protection device depending on where they live. And those who can often lack the knowledge on how to handle them without harming themselves or others in the process.

There are a few things that the LE community can do to protect their family members and friends. However, these safety precautions and products are only as good as the people using them.

Home Security Systems

Home security systems have come a long way. From video surveillance to notifications of movement on your phone, security can be as simple as a camera and an app.


  • These systems can immediately alert when a break-in occurs without needing for the owner to activate an alarm.

  • ·Many have video that records when motion is noticed outside the residence and an alert is sent to the phone of the homeowner.


  • Many people report not activating their alarms each time they leave their home. For something as simple as taking the trash out to the curb, they will leave it inactive and will often even leave their doors unlocked.

  • Minor children will often not use the alarm when home alone whether because they don’t remember to or are just not interested in using them.

  • Sometimes attacks will occur in the driveway or on the street where a vehicle is parked before the family member can enter the home.


Having a loaded weapon in a home comes with great responsibility that LE takes very seriously. A gun safe is paramount in a home with children and making sure that everyone in the home knows how to use the weapon is equally as important.

People not trained on how to use guns can often end up hurting themselves or those around them. It is important that each person who resides in a LE home have at least basic understanding and skills to handle a gun.


  • Nothing will stop a perpetrator quicker than seeing a gun will often dissuade an attack or intrusion.

  • Proper use of a loaded weapon can often stop an incident from occurring.

  • If an intruder has a gun, then the homeowner and occupants can meet the threat with an equal playing field not allowing them to have an upper hand.


  • Statistics of unsecured weapons inside the house with children:

    • According to a 2022 analysis, gun injuries are the leading cause of death among U.S. children and teens ages 1-19.

    • 1.7 million children live with unlocked, loaded guns - 1 out of 3 homes with kids have guns.

    • Between 2014 and 2018, more than 15,000 children (ages 19 and under) died due to firearms, and at least 13,000 sustained unintentional firearm-related injury or death

    • People that die from accidental shooting were more than three times as likely to live in a home with a firearm

    • Among younger children (ages 0-12 years) who are killed by a firearm, 85% are killed in their own home

Self-Defense Classes

No matter where LE family members are, from a little child learning how to fend off a possible abductor to a spouse knowing how to fight their way out of an attack, the ability to protect themselves with self-defense tactics is priceless.


  • Most communities offer free self-defense classes to all ages. Gyms, community centers, and martial arts studios are all locations where they can learn how to escape, strike or attack. Some basic self-defense can also be found online.

  • No weapons are needed for self-defense other than the skills learned and a will to fight your way out of a bad situation.


  • Often, people will take a self-defense course and never practice or go back for a refresher course. This will make their response time slow and may put them in bigger danger because most moves taught require you to be within arm’s reach of the assailant.

  • Also, as they age, different moves and scenarios need to be taught. The same threat averted by a child is not the same as a teen or as an adult.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The global personal protective equipment (PPE) market is projected to grow from $80.38 billion in 2022 to $110.85 billion by 2029. Why? The rising threat of gun violence, riots and more. It seems that nowhere is considered sacred anymore to violent people hell bent on causing as much carnage as possible. PPE is an inexpensive and safe alternative to firearms and can easily be carried in a purse, backpack, vehicle, or pocket. These can be anything from a personal alarm to a canister of pepper spray to a foldable knife.


  • Easily carried for personal protection both inside and outside.

  • Fairly inexpensive and can be found online or in local stores.

  • Can be easily taught on how to use and store safely.


  • Some PPE such as pepper spray can’t be used in enclosed spaces. It will contaminate a vehicle, elevator or small room resulting in incapacitating both the assailant and the innocent user. In addition, if used outside, consider if there is wind, the assailant is wearing glasses, etc. on whether or not OC spray will even work!

  • Travel on buses, trains, and airplanes will sometimes restrict the carrying and/or use of PPE.

  • Some states have regulated which PPE can be used and/or concealed. People could face fines or confiscation of PPE if found breaking rules.

An Easy Solution

Reflex Protect Tactical kept all this in mind when developing their patented Presidia Gel. Not only does it “stick” to the person who is sprayed but it does not contaminate the air or any spaces it is used in. And it is THE SAME STRENGTH AND INGREDIENTS AS OUR TACTICAL LINE!

With our civilian line (Reflex Protect), you can feel better about the safety of your family members and friends because we have revolutionized non-lethal defense. It hits harder than OC and decons faster. Along with our civilian products, we offer training for active threat preparation for schools, churches, offices, and other community gathering places.

In conclusion, the same product that you carry on your duty belt, can be carried by those in the LE family providing protection when they need it most. It is safe, easy to learn how to use, and can be the difference between coming home safe and hopefully surviving a life-altering encounter.

To learn more, go to: for civilian products and to for LE products.


Why Reflex Protect Tactical?

We are a safety preparedness company rewriting the rules about what’s possible with less-lethal defense. Reflex Protect® Tactical has taken a fresh look at active defense sprays and created an insanely effective and game changing defense spray and decontaminant that law enforcement is calling “a game changer.”

Our products are the fastest acting on the market and vetted by law enforcement. Certified training is also available.

Contact us today!


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