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World’s First: Disorientation to Decon Three Times in 15 Minutes

Reflex Protect® Defense Spray and Reflex Remove® Decon

Missoula, Montana – In an effort to demonstrate to law enforcement the unmatched capabilities of Reflex Protect® defense spray and antidote combination, Deputy Steve Towns was sprayed, rendered incapacitated, and then fully deconned repeatedly in the space of 15 minutes. A video of the entire experience is available for viewing on the Reflex Protect YouTube site.

“I’m telling you, you couldn’t pry my eyes open with a crow bar,” the 21-year veteran of the force explains on the video in between being sprayed and decontaminated. “It’s fast and efficient.”

“Short of in-person training, this is the best way to demonstrate how Reflex Protect is unlike anything else on the market,” explains Matt Schaefer, CEO of Reflex Protect and the person deploying the Presidia Gel® in the video. This demo was done at Tactical Defense Training, the official LE and military training partner for Reflex Protect.

Created for use in sensitive hospital environments, Reflex Protect gives law enforcement officers a way to immediately control a subject or inmate at a distance and then use Reflex Remove antidote to decontaminate them in minutes. The tactical product line includes MK-III (1.9 ounce) and MK-IV (3.3 ounce) duty belt sizes and a 5.0 (5 ounce) industry size. Reflex Remove comes in liquid and aerosol options.

About Reflex Protect®

Reflex Protect® creates revolutionary less-lethal products and training for law enforcement, healthcare, and education markets, offering the most significant technology and utility innovations in less-lethal active defense spray products in decades. The company’s products are manufactured in the United States. More tactical information can be found at



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