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Evidence-Based Reflex Protect Sales

Reflex Protect Tactical already has news to report, from Sebring, Ohio, near Youngstown.

An officer recently trained on one of our first Reflex Protect sessions, carrying a pocket Presidia Gel on his duty belt, chose to use it when responding to a potentially violent domestic dispute on the 4th of July. Faced with a size and strength disadvantage of an inebriated man, who ignored repeated verbal commands, the officer unholstered his Reflex Protect. Even though the man lowered his sunglasses to shield his eyes, a single 2-second blast from six feet away rendered him immediately unable to see and disoriented.

After backup officers brought him under full control and placed him in handcuffs, the man was rapidly cleaned up with Reflex Remove. The other officers, not yet been trained on Presidia Gel, were so impressed by the speed of both it and Reflex Remove, they reached out to us to ask if they could purchase both using their own personal uniform allowance, rather than waiting for the department to complete a full product vetting process. What we have learned is that police are far more likely to use Presidia Gel – if verbal de-escalation has not succeeded – than any other less-than-lethal method presently available to them. The result is that far fewer such encounters should result in injury or lasting harm to anyone.

“The last time I deployed a chemical agent aerosol was OC spray and there was significant cross-contamination that day; but not enough to incapacitate myself, my chief or the fire department personnel on scene. It was a relief being able to deploy a chemical agent that didn’t significantly affect everyone else. I am very pleased the only person disoriented by the Presidia Gel was the subject. All officers on scene were able to return to full duty immediately following the call.” – Officer Marchionda, SPD, Northeast Ohio

Being able to resolve – safely and quickly – this potentially violent situation speaks to the potential for how Presidia Gel can immediately impact law enforcement and our society at large.

Help us spread this solution by investing in Reflex Protect today.


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