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In the Field: The President Spoke About the Need for New Less-Lethal Technology

Just this morning in a White House Rose Garden Press Conference announcing a new Executive Order, President Donald Trump spoke of the police reform measures his administration is advancing.

“We are looking at new advanced and powerful less-lethal weapons to help prevent deadly interactions,” explained President Trump. “New devices are being developed all the time, and we’re looking at the best of them. And cost is no object.”

We welcome this focus from the White House and highest levels of the Justice Department, but we’re already responding to this need at the local level. As soon as hospitals and school districts across the country began considering Reflex Protect®, they turned to local law enforcement for advice.

Not only did those departments whole-heartedly support its use as a “response gap” measure, they also became intrigued by our innovations – the Reflex technology spray head shooting a “bulls-eye” stream of Presidia Gel® that took down an assailant faster than pepper spray and could then be cleaned up faster than any of them had experienced. Some departments bought healthcare versions for themselves immediately.

Over time, however, law enforcement’s demand for a new controlling force tool designed to prevent physical contact and any sort of lasting harm became more insistent, and Covid-19 made it immediate. At the onset of the pandemic, we shifted focus to this new demand from law enforcement. As you’ll see from the live video and photos below from recent field tests by our strategic partner Tactical Defense Training (TDT) in Canton, Ohio, our rapid onset, non-atomizing Presidia Gel is exactly what they needed, and Reflex Remove makes it even more attractive given increased focus on limiting use of force injuries for all involved.

“Skepticism is a survival mechanism,” explains TDT president Matt Schaefer, a former police officer and U.S. Army veteran, with experience in corrections, uniform patrol, warrants, narcotics, investigations and SWAT since 1995.

He knows that for officers at all levels, seeing is believing. That is why Schaefer has been running trainings with officers to show them up close how both Presidia Gel® and Reflex Remove™ work faster and effectively than anything else they have ever seen.

“All the reasons cops don’t like using OC [pepper] spray simply do not exist with Reflex Protect®,” explains Schaefer. “It is truly a game changer for Law Enforcement.”

See for yourself how officers respond to Presidia Gel and Reflex Remove for the first time. Reflex Protect has the potential to impact not only conversations about violence in the U.S., but also the immediate and important issues raised by recent demonstrations.


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