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How Presidia Gel Impacts the Human Body

From Tactical Medical White Paper by Dr. Bayne French

The following is taken from "Tactical Medical" White Paper authored by Dr. Bayne French. You can download the full document here.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Presidia Gel has minimal inflammatory effect and very limited involvement of respiratory tissues. Unlike OC, it does not cause swelling of the throat, laryngeal tissues, bronchial lining, or the lungs. Presidia Gel is delivered as a non-aerosolized, non-atomizing liquid. The lack of airborne particulate limits cross-contamination risk and eliminates asphyxiation risk due to oxygen displacement because normal ambient oxygen percentile is not affected. This combination of features results in a markedly improved safety profile over aerosol OC and tear gas.

HEAD AND FACE: Presidia Gel does not cause damage to eyes, cornea, skin, moth, tongue, respiratory tissues, or ears.

LONG TERM EFFECTS: There are no know toxicity associated with Presidia Gel. There have been no deaths associated with its use. There are no known long-lasting effects on human tissues. It is deemed safe to use on all individuals, even those with asthma and severe lung disease like emphysema.

SHORT TERM EFFECTS: Presidia Gel has inflammatory effects. In the eyes, symptoms include superficial keratitis and conjunctivitis. On the skin, superficial irritation occurs but no blistering or ulceration. Allergic reaction is possible but very unusual. If ingested, gastrointestinal irritation may result, causing nausea and rarely, vomiting.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: Presidia Gel does not contain any substance known in the state of California to cause cancer, developmental, and/or reproductive harm.


Can Presidia Gel be used with Electronic Restraint Devices (ERDs)?

Yes. Presidia Gel is not flammable.

Can Presidia Gel be used indoors?

Yes. Presidia Gel does not atomize so it is safe to use indoors and does not get into HVAC systems.

Do we need to be trained/certified to carry and use Reflex Protect products?

The best practice is annual certification or recertification on chemical agents from a certified instructor.

How long will Presidia Gel affect someone after being cleaned off with Reflex Remove?

Reflex Remove decontaminate neutralizes Presidia Gel on contact, so you feel cooling relief immediately. You can function within 2 minutes, and on average, you will only feel minimal effects by 5 minutes. Full recovery happens within 15 minutes.


Why Reflex Protect Tactical?

We are a safety preparedness company rewriting the rules about what’s possible with less-lethal defense. Reflex Protect® Tactical has taken a fresh look at active defense sprays and created an insanely effective and game changing defense spray and decontaminant that law enforcement is calling “a game changer.”

Our products are the fastest acting on the market and vetted by law enforcement. Certified training is also available.

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