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How does Presidia Gel vs OC Compare?

See why Presidia Gel is the right choice for you!

OC or pepper spray has been used for decades as a deterrent for non-complying individuals and even riots. But how does it stack up against Presidia Gel? Let's take a look...

Presidia Gel

​OC Sprays

Active Ingredient

​CS (chlorobenzalmalononitrile) in a non-atomizing, sticky gel.

​Atomized OC (oleoresin capsicum).

​Time to Debilitation

​Within 5 seconds. Subjects fully incapacitated within 20 seconds.

​Reaction can take minutes, building to full effect over time, with little to no effect on some subjects. Results vary widely, similar to individual susceptibility to chili peppers.

​Subject Recovery Time

​With Reflex Remove™ decon: subjects quickly feel relief and can function within 2 minutes. Within 5 minutes, on average, subjects feel only minimal effects. Complete recovery in 15. Allows for fast transportation times of subjects. Officer less-lethal training time also dramatically shortened.

​Lengthy recovery time (30-45 minutes until recovery begins) results in slow transportation times. Showering can re-activate oils.

​Experience for Subject

​Immediate involuntary eye closure and extreme pain in eyes. Burning sensation if in direct contact with eyes, nose, or mouth.

​Burning sensation anywhere on the body, especially the eyes and in the respiratory

system. Respiratory inflammation, possible sensation of respiratory distress, gagging, coughing.

​Ability to Target

​Tight gel stream can pinpoint target at a safe distance (up to 15 ft. for 1.9 oz, up to 18 ft. for 5 oz.

​Spray affects entire area with cloud of fine particulate.

​Cross Contamination Risks

​None. Sticks to what it hits with no side-splatter.

​Contaminates everything in the area: LEOs, furniture, HVAC systems, innocent bystanders. Uniform changes mandatory.

​Use in Cells

​Ideal for cell extractions due to zero cross-contamination.

​CERT teams must mask up before spraying during cell extractions.

​Use in Vehicle


​Unsafe. Contaminates entire vehicle and all occupants.

​Environment Decontamination

​Spray Reflex Remove™ on surface and let sit 30 seconds to neutralize. Naturally dissipates in 15 minutes.

​Considerable lost time decontaminating areas and surfaces.

​Indoor Use

​Safe. Sticks to what it hits. Quickly dissipates.

​Unsafe. Atomizes to contaminate everyone and everything. Dissipates slowly, with lasting smell and effects.


Why Reflex Protect Tactical?

We are a safety preparedness company rewriting the rules about what’s possible with less-lethal defense. Reflex Protect® Tactical has taken a fresh look at active defense sprays and created an insanely effective and game changing defense spray and decontaminant that law enforcement is calling “a game changer.”

Our products are the fastest acting on the market and vetted by law enforcement. Certified training is also available.

Contact us today!


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