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Reflex Protect Tactical: The Less-Lethal Precision for Close Quarters

Reflex Protect keeps corrections professionals in control of inmates whether on a bus, in a van, being transported to medical facilities, or walking through a courthouse.

Presidia Gel gives officers who work within corrections a brand-new tool for effectively and efficiently doing their job with the least amount of disruption or injury to either officers or inmates.

When transporting inmates who are shackled and belly chained in close proximity, Presidia Gel can isolate one prisoner without involving the rest of the line or the inside of a convey van or bus. For prisoners being transported to and from court appearances or to medical facilities, officers do not need to be worried about involving innocent bystanders if needing to gain control of a situation.

The ability to spray a targeted stream of sticky liquid Presidia Gel up to 18 feet keeps officers safely away from violent behavior. Presidia Gel also cannot be thrown back at officers like OC foam. For those agencies that want to use glove sweep techniques, a small amount of Presidia Gel will result in immediate and sustained eye closure and incapacitating pain.

With Reflex Protect, cell extractions have a new level of precision, as only the target of the gel is impacted. Cell extraction teams can enter the cell after deployment of Presidia Gel without gas masks. Other inmates in a double-bunked cell or in holding cells or even in nearby cells with barred doors remain unaffected.

Unlike OC pepper spray, Presidia Gel does not produce inflammation in mucous membranes or the lungs, and doesn’t produce copious coughing. For close-quarter institutions like county jails, this is especially important to reduce transmission of respiratory viruses.

Reflex Remove then rapidly reverses the effects of Presidia Gel after a prisoner is cooperative and under control. It provides cooling relief on contact, and within 5 minutes most of the effects have subsided. By 15 minutes, a subject is back to normal. With concerns being raised about the punitive nature of OC pepper spray and its long-term undesirable effects on a subject and any others nearby continuing long after a subject is controlled, Reflex Protect offers a solution that absolutely minimizes the duration of pain and suffering. This is especially important for prisoners who are suffering from mental illness, as well as juvenile offenders.


Why Reflex Protect Tactical?

We are a safety preparedness company rewriting the rules about what’s possible with less-lethal defense. Reflex Protect® Tactical has taken a fresh look at active defense sprays and created an insanely effective and game changing defense spray and decontaminant that law enforcement is calling “a game changer.”

Our products are the fastest acting on the market and vetted by law enforcement. Certified training is also available.

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